The American Dream man I just want to be a successful man I'm finally learning 
how to leave every negative energy and choosing the path of righteousness.  I 
believe I can do what I want to so unless I put it in the energy sweat and 
ambition I have to study hard maintain a 90 average and find a multiple variety 
of ways into completing my goals.  Everyone in America has the choice of success 
or failure it's on to us into picking which path you want to take on. I want to 
be noble be able to give back to the community have an impact on the world I 
mean look at all these "robber Barrons" they have taken advantage of the economy 
till they've grown old and realized the power they had in their hands were 
negative till they gave a small portion of their wealth to cover up their dirt 
to make everyone forget they have the power to control the government. I 
understand that everyone can't be equal but why is the gap between lower class 
and high class so steep. If I had that much money and power I would go back to 
Ghana and other African countries and help rebuild the economy believe me there 
are plenty of resources in those countries. Africa could become a very power 
continent if the same opportunities were offered. I don't have anything against 
the white man but if they didn't create a system of slavery because they were to 
lazy to keep building there economy then trust and believe Africa would be part 
of the strongest nations in the world. My father tells me America is the land of 
opportunities but if it's not used wisely you're in deep danger you might as 
well kill yourself then struggle for the rest of your lives. The reason why 
blacks and Hispanics are looked upon as a terrible race in this country is 
because they let me say we are not taking full advantage of the opportunities 
given.  I'm making a promise to my self to maintain this 90 average and even 
strive for higher I'm already there I can do it. I know it. Why doesn't Africans 
from Africa like the Blacks because blacks act so stupid and don't realize and 
take the true meaning of life. I don't need friends but I need people that will 
take me to the top because at the end of the day you're by yourself and can't 
run away from your mind. The harder you work the less stress you would have in 
the future. They say history is told from a point of view that's bullshit 
because native Americans were nearly eliminated they accepted Americans and 
helped america leave Great Britain so who's telling that story why is it 
ignored. George Washington said we should avoid affairs with other nations why 
are we so nosey about what other nations are doing. Germany is looked as a 
terrible nation because of what Hitler did but look what we did to the natives 
we killed more natives then Jews were killed did we forget that but yet we're so 
good of a nation. The wealthy that give back to the community get a lot more 
back in return they also control the government it is true that money is root of 
all evil. I love People like LeBron who worked really hard from poverty to 
become successful and give back to the community we need a lot more people like 
them in this world. 


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