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Its not about what you do to get there or how you do it,
it is about you putting everything into one life that you just have no strength left,
fighting through all the obstacles trying to think of what's next,
trying to carry your family on your back hoping for the best,
don't fail me now,
please, don't fail me now,
thinking as i'm a hero i can't let all of these people down,
my name is what i'm hearing I can hear them chanting it from the crowd,
it's what i wanted all of my life I am asking please don't fail me now,
can i deal with the pressure?
can i make it through the fight?
all the pain that it took and even all those sleepless nights,
all the struggle that i went through God can i be at peace,
we have made it so far even passed the slavery,
I am shooting for the stars I wont even touch the net,
everybody wants to be you when you become a thing called success.

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