Stupid Poem

If a stupid poem could fix this world,
I'd read it everyday.
No matter how hard I try,
I fear that it will always be the same.

If a stupid poem could fix this heart of mine,
I'd read it for the rest of my life.
It has been deceived and broken too many times
But never fully fixed and healed by no one,
not a time.

If a stupid poem could change who I am,
I'm not sure if I would read it everyday.
I've tried to be different people many times,
Trying to fit it in one of these stupid stereotypes.
Imposed by this mean, shallow society,
No wonder why this many people suffer anxiety.

If this whole poem could have changed my childhood,
I'd have written it much sooner, many times more.
It might have given me friends and popularity,
Strength to alleviate my sadness, with more vision and clarity;
To understand the reason why I was the chosen one
When I was not even ready to face something that could not be undone.
To lose my confidence, innocence, and purity.
You sure made me lose my immaturity.

But instead, I spent many years in the shadows,
Some days I still spend,
Anxious and afraid,
As if I was going to explode like a grenade.
But now I learned that I was never wrong,
I have stopped to blame me and the other ones.
I have grown up from the shadows,
I am rising up from my ashes
Like a dark phoenix that flies high and flashes
In the dark night like a shooting star
Waiting for the moment that like a wish,
This stupid poem will change something else anyhow.

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Our world
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