Stuffed Crust


read it once

it's pepperoni

read it again

it's cheese

but bite in

and it's both

poems are complex

they aren't what they seem

but they're delicious

like a stuffed crust pizza




I enjoyed your poem. Nothing is wrong with profound and deep poetry because I write it all the time.

However, I like the simplicity of this poem. I wonder if you could think

of more metaphors that relate poetry to food. I bet you could write a really funny 

poem this way. You should try it. At some point in a poets life, a poet will

write a poem about poetry itself. It always happens! I think that's similar

to what you did in this poem but, you happen to relate it to pizza.

Thanks to your poem, I am now craving stuff crust pizza, just like I crave

onamatopoeias ;) gulp, mhhm, 

yummm lol 

Happy Writing!


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