Stuff You Can't Say to Your Teacher

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 21:35 -- bui1225


Why do Teachers not want to teach?

Is this a lazy habit?

Who is suppose to leave a good impression?

The students or the teachers?

Who is suppose to teach the adolescents how to solve radical expressions?

The teachers without the judgement of questions?

Why do students have to sit there and listen?

The lessons that are just gibberish cautions?

Why are examples of a problem, not shown in many ways?

Because life problems come up in one simple day?

Who asks the students to ask questions because it's okay?

The teachers who gets frustrated because you don't undertand right away?

Who are the students that feel lost, with no help?

The ones who are not cared for?

Why do Teachers not want to teach?

when the students just wanted to be reached?

Students are the future, yet adults treat them as a chore.







This is my first poem I have written in 5 years... I'm working on it, and will post more to improve.

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