Study Abroad

Oblivious and in awe, this is all so new

There's a whole world out here, who knew?

My poor ass, depressed ass, suicidal ass,

A university student determined to pass,

No friends, no real friends, is it better or worse?

Is it wrong of me to talk to someone first?

Am I too nice, or am I the problem,

I'll be someone new once I get out.

It has been four years since I last picked up a razor,

I'm so proud.

GPA is a 2.5 but I know the material,

I'm a fraud.

A joke, insane, spreading my pathetic life to another country,

I think I'll drown.

My health is better now, there's nothing stopping me now,

Two years too late Mr. Invisible God.

This poem makes no sense, not complicated enough, not layered enough,

I hate it. 

Just like everything else about me, here I come South Korea,

I hope I have enough in my account to not starve first :')



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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