A students love

I am more than what you see.

I am the slightest summer breeze.

I hold the key to a brand new world,

I am but a little girl.

A girl that some have ignored, 

A girl that some have adored,


I was made to be so much more.

A little one calls me mommy,

I am a new mother.

I have the support behind me, 

To take part in this life,

To have a little girl rely on

My choices, my future and my life.

I'm choosing to do better,

So school is the way to go.

Our memories are forever, 

She will never be left alone.

She is not meant to have to suffer, 

Wondering what she will eat next,

I am not meant to have to wonder,

What time I will get home next.

She deserves the love and support,

A good mother has to give.

Although its very costly.

A mothers love will always live.


This poem is about: 
My family


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