Student's Dilemma

.........To sleep or not to sleep,

That is the question.

Whether tis wiser to stay up to my brain's satisfaction,

Fully acquiring its potential at success,

Ensuring a greater chance at documenting my capabilities,

Or to give in to the seductive calls of my pillow,

Floating into a heavenly ascend into the makings of my subconscious mind,

Allowing it to take me in its wings to whatever deep desire it wishes to bestow upon me,

Granting me the good fortune of an escape from life's cruel escapade.....


To sleep or not to sleep,

The question whose answer seems to elude me in precious moments such as this,

The owl,

Wise and old,

Helps the thoughts and inner workings of mind take flight,

Leading to the ultimate victory,

Failure's chance at redemption............

But hark,

The Nightingale,

Whose sweet melody calls me



To carry me into the blissful state of calm and purity,

To renew and save what time and conflict have tried so hard to extinguish,

Alone stands a conflicted feather,

Merely a toy, caught in their archaic grasps

A battle that has one victor,

But a war that knows no end................


Oh but for another day,

Another sea,

Another call for remedy,

So shall the Nightingale prevail,

The feather now in her warm embrace,

Until the morrow,

When the battle arises once more,

The owl prepares,

Ready for battle once again...........................


                                                   ----Annette Chavez





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