Stuck Inside

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 21:59 -- lotered

A boy masquerading, half-face sweet.

Poison behind the mask, secrets beneath

A captivating night in brilliant steel,

Reflecting faces, concealing the beasts.


A maiden fair or a maiden scared.

The beasts emerge from their knightly lair.

Lobes boil, the half-face tears,

The beast in armor wonders if he dare...


A boy stuck between the beast and the knight,

Grizzly tendencies threaten with strife.

Torn by morals, steely knives,

Will the boy ever feel he's alright?


A maiden oblivious, a maiden smitten.

A boy teeters, now righteous, now wicked.

Heavy hearts breed throbbing heads,

And a tongue stained with sickening dread.


It is the tears we shed;

That make our smiles so sweet.


And the loves we bleed;

That put worth to heart beats.


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