Stuck in here for Eternity

Stuck in here for eternity:

Lost in darkness;

I will never see.

No voices ever speak to me,

Stuck in chains for eternity.


My breath runs slow,

My heart losses track

Not knowing what my memories pack.

Empty in silence

Forever to be

I am here,

Stuck for eternity.


Love is lost

I have never known it

Only dreaming shows me what it will cost-

It brings me to a man who once knew me

But he is forgotten in my memories

I wish I knew the blue-eyed man

The one who walked with me in the sand.

And on one cloudy,



His lips touched mine in solidarity

A jerk of passion, a jerk of hope

He will come, my betrothed.

So I wait in here for him

To find me,

Waiting here for eternity.


Days go on in the darkness

And I wait,

Time drags on,

My lips run dry,

My body aches,

But I hold on for him to wake.

I sit here now

Chained for life

Body rotting,

My soul parting

Waiting for a dream to come alive

Stuck in here until I die.

Stuck in here for eternity.


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