Stuck and Schizophrenic

1 word explained why

I was being dragged to

and from a psychiatric facility for 2 weeks

I was like a prisoner.

But I didn’t do anything besides confessing how I felt when interrogated by the school psychologist.


My mother: So, like, what do we do about that?

 Should we be concerned?

I don’t want him to turn out like…


My father: I always knew there was something strange about our son.

I told you we needed to take him to see someone.

You were always talking about how he’s a sensitive boy…


My sister: Don’t tell anyone, you’ll ruin my life.

You’re the freaky brother nobody will want to be around…

Well, what if they tell him to kill us all with a knife or something?


They gasp.

Nervous Laugh.


Psychologist: No, no, no.

It is wayyy overdramatized in the movies.


Someone: What a relief!


It replays everyday in my head.

They all fear me.

They all despise me.

For things I didn’t do, haven’t done, things I can’t control.

It replays everyday, and I don’t understand.

I can’t help who I am

I can’t make it go away

I’m stuck




This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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