I was thinking of the way she use to kiss me, miss me 

Tell me how much she love me even when she wasn't feeling me 

Even when we argue I see the pain & love in her eyes 

Like they playing tug of war, who wins tonight 

Who wins the fight 


Will she keep loving me even when she in pain or will the pain tell her this love ain't the same 

Will the pain tell her well I ain't to blame cause we both did things we try to put to shame 

We both did things we both to blame 

We both said forever but forever was cut short 

& we both said we never give the pain what it wanted 

Cause the pain wanted to be free but she couldn't stop loving me 

& no matter how much she tried, she still ended up under me 

No matter how much she cried, til this day she still wants me 

But I want her to be happy, I don't want her to feel trapped 

I don't want her to hate me because I made her this way,

she wanted to date me but I didn't tell her to stay 

Selfish for all the ways I made her feel bad because she wanted to stay 

When I could've just worked on our relationship

& gave her everything she was missing 


Then I go back to the thought of how her lips use to glisten 

How the words from her soft voice danced off her lips & gave me reasons to listen 

Damn I love this girl, why won't my heart listen 

Why can't I just give her what she want from me 

I wanna be the one but at the same time I wanna be the friend 

Maybe I just want the benefits instead of being the girlfriend 


Just because it's right, doesn't mean it's right for you 

& just because you fight doesn't mean you'll win 

Tricky sticky love your addiction to me is annoying 

Tricky sticky love I just wanna be free from the bullshit 


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