I see you
I see you and you are smiling
And you are happy
And you deserve it
And you are so much of what I want to be
And while you might feel crummy in the spotlight,
I'll be over here feeling shitty in the dark dingy corner
Where dust collects
From all of the time I've spend here
Here is where I lay down my achievements
My sweat and my focus and my hours of labor
At the backs of the feet of those praising you 
And I scream for them 
And they can't hear me
They say that in life there are peaks and valleys
They also say that everything happens for a reason
I've found that once you've stared at the cobwebs for long enough, you're realize that
You've led yourself to that very corner
And that's when your valleys grow so wide
That the trek uphill seems impossible
But there's still this flickering hope
This stupid stupid hope 
That while all the beautiful, successful people get their time to shine
I'll one day find my way through the crowds and 
Be seen
But for now I'm here
Sitting and waiting for 
My turn
My turn
My turn


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