Struggling Wings


Every tear that siliently falls from underneath your eyes

Is just a piece of the pain you feel inside.

The pain is so overwhelming that you need to find a solution,

But instead you find the temporary conclusion

Of putting a blade to the surface of your wrist

and going over every patch of skin you missed.

Every line you make is from the burden of all the pain.

Every drop of blood is a silient tear of your being.

You're wondering how it came to this.

Every nght you get trapped in the depressing abyss.

When you cry you can't help but want to be gone.

You feel you've suffered for far too long.

You're about ready to take the easy way out,

And soon it's all you begin to think about.

You feel like you're finally done,

But you're far too young.

You have that moment of hesitation,

And all that goes through you now is fustration.

It's the only thing you can't push yourself to do.

So each day passes by you,

And soon you get to the point where you are indifferent.

You don't care about anything and wonder where your heart has went.

It's still inside you, beating like a broken clock.

If only it could talk.

You would know the pain you are going through,

And you would get the clue

That you have been strong and have been broken.

But you will also understand the hidden message that is spoken.

You have pushed yourself so hard,

And dealt through not just you wrists, but your life being scarred.

But now you have the chance to change it all,

To stand up and take control,

To put the past behind,

And begin to clear your mind

Of all the pain and agony that filled your life with tragedy.

Start to be the best that you can be.

Your life has a brand new song to sing.

Now take off and spread your wings.


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