Struggling to Shine


All I can do is stand here.

I wonder what happened to all those days,

when life was "easy"


I step back.

To be honest

All of these mistakes make me a little queazy.


What does it matter I ask.

At the end of the day who care?

Everything I try is taken over by fear.


And every thing that I see asks the same question.

As I stand consumed with the thought

Of how I got here.


People keep saying it gets better

But I still feel sick

and tired of all these tricks.


I have problems that I know

The biggest of all being

All this struggle didn't fix what it was meant to fix.


So for a little longer here I stand.

Barely realizing that the solution has always been right at hand.

After all at the end of the day.


It is not about what you do.

It is not about what you believe.

It isn't even about whay you say.


When life comes down to the wire

and you are can feel inside you that dangerous fire

What matters most is who you are.


So shine out you beautiful star.

Because that is who you really are.


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