Struggling With an Inner Child


Another sunrise, another sun set, another day gone

Time flies and waits for no one

Ready or not the tick tock of the clock song

Always moving always going

Want to slow down but no time for that

Have to grow up ready or not

Want to be little, want to be big

Want independence, want freedom

Want the comfort of mommy’s arms

Want mommy’s firm hand

Confusion, reluctance, tears and frustration

Time to fly little one, time to leave the nest

Want to stay, want to hide

Want my bottle, want my blankie, want my stuffed puppy

Want a job, want my own place, want to run free

Conflicted, confused, disoriented, depressed

Must grow up, want more time

Must fly free, want to be caged in

I am baby, I am child, I am little girl

I am grown, I am adult, I am woman

I am misunderstood, even by myself

Need help and have none

Need a hug, need a cuddle, need acceptance, need love

Need a fantasy I can never archive

Need a reality check I know not how to get

Contradictions, confusions, mysteries, miseries

Baby bottles beside nail polish

Pacifiers beside car keys

Diapers beside thongs

Two sides of the same whole

Not completely whole, not completely separate

But all me  


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