At one point and time I just wanted to let everything go


I took a step back

Thought about it

And gave my final answer



See life is all about going through struggles

Not having mommy nor daddy there

Just to tell you wrong from right

Or given to a family member

Where you cant even rest your head at night


All of that can cause alot of distress

But you as a young lady/man

Mind is already set

To become the best


Even though life

Isnt always about being the best

Its just gaining enough common sense/Knowledge

To outsmart the rest.



Are meant to be made

What makes it awesome is at the end of the day

Owning up to it every step of the way

Are one of the necessites needed for leaders today

Reflect and teach

Millennials look up to you as in where they may want to be
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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