The Struggle Poetically Spoken


I never had the best clothes, but shoo I always had something warm to wear/never had enough food, but I was taught "to the littlest bit, I share!"/ I ain't never been popular, but I've always been surrounded with the right kids/ the point is I've never had the best life, but its the one I dare to live/ when pops went cold, things got tight/ 9 mouths to feed, moms & sis switch off day and night/ in the church we kept strong, only God knows my struggles/it's always been Him, I lean on, even through the hustles/ like my boy Tupac, I kept prayin' for better days/ since then I envision how to survive in different ways/I'm Muhammad Ali!/ Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!/ There's the bomb and I am the lighter/ when I walk into the room, they sing, "There goes the fighter!"/ the Devil yells, "You can't!" I tell him I can/they tell me I'll lose, I tell them I'll win/YOU'RE SELFISH, YOU'RE A FOOL, YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T DO IT!/ I'M DETERMINED, I'M INTELLIGENT, AND TODAY I WILL PROVE IT!/ my name is victoria and I am from Oakland/ this is the struggle poetically spoken



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