Struggle of the Human Spirit


listening to girls twitter and chatter

I wonder if my screeching is that piercing

I wonder why our ears are oblivious

to our tongues

and our minds do not have nets

to filter trash from an ocean of noise.

I wonder if they know where the world goes

when they close their eyes

i try my best to not be ridiculous

but the emotions of a seventeen-year old girl

are like a bat:

hopelessly blind

they love the sound of their own voices

go ahead and keep forever in its’ rainbow box

filled with rhinestones and covered in gold foil

and gallons of perfume trying and failing

to cover the smell

i’m sorry i covered my paper halo in gold paint

and pretended to belong in heaven

but sunshine, don’t come to me

when your glow fades and you fall to the ground

because all you ever were

was an adolescent jumble of chemicals

young girls brush dust off glass slippers

forgotten in the backs of their closets

and old women wrinkled like grapes with suntans

wonder why they never shattered

into a million and one pieces

sharp as a clock hand

striking midnight



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