The Struggle of Freedom

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(poems go here) Free to be me, free to be you
That’s what they say, but is it true?
Taxed for housing and food, necessities of society’s view
Ideas of privatization of water, our natural right
But we’re free right? No rights to speak for our rights
Where’s the freedom in that? Third world countries struggling but we can’t see that
Some walk miles to work just for change, no dollars or checks given, just change
Risking their lives for scraps, where is the freedom in that?
No voice is heard from the Third World, why is that?
Questions unanswered, feelings remain but will this be a continuous game?
Struggles on both parts, both worlds
No balance because it’s easier for the First World but what about the Third World?
Necessities like water but they need survival, but do they have the right to?
Rights contrast but are the same, they say we have civil rights but who’s to blame?
Society? Humanity? Who’s the blame?
Maybe there isn't blame but we have to change the cycle of the system
The cycle of freedom

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This was very deep. Great job.

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