The Struggle of College


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(poems go here) College, College, College
Hey, what’s your degree?
I can’t guarantee, but can you pay this orientation fee
Fill out the Fasfa and see what you get
Don’t forget to hit submit.
College, College, College!
Did you notice a gap?
It is time to put on your thinking cap
What to do with so little time
Thinking can’t possibly be a crime
Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarships!
Easy money they say
Filling out essay after essay, after essay
You’re the one who needs the money
Ha, not it’s not so funny
Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarships!
What you thought getting accepted was scary?
No, this is going to continue like Tom and Jerry
Now you notice the difference between a need and a want
Don’t sit around and act nonchalant
Scholarships are a necessity for college
Now do you understand?
Scholarship, College, Scholarships!?



College has been my main priority during my senior year. I hope you enjoy as well as feel what I was going through.


Although college is fun but when it comes time to write a thesis, it's a headache. So much to do and so little time - that was my challenge. I even to get everything done checked out a sample of thesis proposal. I guess everyone does that but I somehow wasn't sure. I though I will subconsciously copy it. Well, luckily everything turned out well.

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