The Struggle


Douglasville , GA
6866 parkway drive
United States
30° 23' 58.2828" N, 90° 51' 44.3412" W

Since being a young boy in the hood

My life has never been good

Gunshots at night and standing under streets lights

I told my self I shall rise

If i put in hard work there should be a prize

I never wanted to be a statistic

So I stayed quite and myjestic

And focus on my goal of getting to college

Everybody said Tuition and fees

Brings students to there nees

beggin for hope to get them paid off

I told my self Im going no matter what the cost

Cause i know when get a degree

im going buy my mom a house and im going to stayin loft

goals learn grace and advance

so i hope you read over this to give me a chance




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