The Struggle


The Struggle


Growing up,

Living life,

Was always easy.

Toughening up.

With no Strife.


Out on your own,

Trying to make it,

Another story.

Being full grown.

Never having time to sit.


Work, work, work,

Never ending,

No more time.

Trying to make things work.

Always giving.


Failed so many times,

No matter how hard you try,

To make things right.

Escaping from everyone's minds.

About to say good-bye.


The last option,

Is what I'll take,

To get back on my feet.

To get that tuition.

For my own sake.


Looking into the future,

Seeing nothing but success,

My eye's on the prize.

To never have torture.

Obtaining the success.


Never will I struggle within.


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