Thoughts pouring in the mind

Like a journey to your soul

We slip and we slide

Why can’t I hide?

Are you afraid I’m coming at you?

You better answer when I ask you

This ain’t no game

Why you with me

As I got God on my shoulders, not the world

You’re a ghost taking my soul

Beauty in a picture but not the mirror

I see through you

You see through me.

The value of the fight is pointless

Keeping my guard up.

Invade my palace, get pass my soldiers.

You wanna fight

I’m coming at you

You better choose carefully

First class view

We in the kitchen screaming

Ten minutes later we back friends.

How do you put up with it?

I watch the rain, the lightening, the sun.

Watching my tears fall down the window pane

My heart is in your hand

You don’t want me

Let it go

Protect my honor

No, you protect your soul

You be lying when I'm asking

You say forget you

Daggers to my chest

Fire to my soul.

My struggle, your fight.

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