Strong Black Man

As we sit back, relax and see our brothers and sisters fall

as we stand tall chest sticking out noticing nothing at all

as seen our growth went up and came right back down

i seen our brothers and sisters leave this world round for round

but we get mad when we see the white man in the fancy cars

but instead of learning math science & literature we can rather learn what a rapper is saying in his bars

so im not going sit here and pretend

because in reality im a strong black man


We do things and have fears that make us want to kill eachother

our sisters are catching diseases becuse us brothers dont wnat to use rubber

most of us think life is about the clothes the cars and the money

well what im about to say to you may not sound funny

cars is money, money is death and clothes is looks

so deep inside my brother your nothing but a crook

i know some may say im young and i havent learn anything yet

but my life is like a living testimony thats a promise thats a bet

ive seen people shot stabbed and die right upon my face

my heart beating so fast i could never catch its pace

so like i said im not going sit here and pretend

because in reality im young but im still a strong black man


This poem is about: 
Our world


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