Strong Angel


She hates how she looks

because all her friends say so,

and she denies every compliment 

because she just doesn't know


that she looks like a princess

and her hazel blue eyes

no matter how dark

could light up the skies


Instead she sits in her room 

alone at night,

just trying to stay alive,

just trying to fight


Away all the thoughts

that corrupt her inside,

she never shows her face

because she'd rather stay and hide


But it's not just her,

it's also a boy with scars,

who aimed for the moon,

but got struck by the stars.


He was never good enough 

for the kids at his school,

I could hear them whisper

that he just wasn't cool.


So he took away his pain

with the slice of a blade

hoping that he would go

and into blood he would fade


But baby, you don't have to cry,

and you don't have to cut,

because I've noticed you everyday

and I wanna help you shut


all of the doors they've opened

with the names they'd call

you behind your back

just hoping you'd fall.


But no, sweetie, you're special,

you're one of a kind.

I think you're unique and beautiful 

and someone like you is hard to find


So take my hand darling,

there's no need to cry,

you're a very strong angel

who forgot how to fly.


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