Striving For Greatness

Self expression shouldn't be feared

it should be vocal for all to hear

dreams shouldn't be just real

they should come true

no matter how many

no matter how few

even all the struggles you should overcome

so you can set examples for our little ones to come

people should be equal

not just today

but, all sequels

because to be equal all sequels

are a lot of sequels that are peaceful

education is the key to success

why rest when you can be the best

community should come together

and not just one

when i say community

i mean everyone

a society with no struggle is quite unreal

but a society with less struggle is a pretty good deal

the sky isnt the limit

when there is footprints on the moon

so set your goals high

and float like a balloon

thats in a cartoon

because those never pop

so once you reach your goal

that mean you'll never stop

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