The lighting has to be perfect, tilt this way like that

I have to get my hair right, perfect in the back

I need to be beautiful by the majority at least

I need to look like someone, someone other than me

But no that’s where I have it wrong, I don’t have it right

I look amazing in any light

I have to learn to accept exactly who I am

I need no approval from any woman or man

As a girl we have become accustomed to hiding our flaws

But I refuse to follow the tread, I am baring it all

 Stereotypes are verbal jails for human beings

Let it be known, I will only be defined by me

Additives and preventives dilute the original you

Show them you uncovered and the love will be true

So take the stripped dare with me, put beauty back in order

Because I truly believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Taliyah Holloway


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