Before Striking

The next time we meet, I may be someone else.

Extra thick, light in weight.
Resourced to fit purpose.

The next time we meet,
I may be a splint. Easy to light.
The next time we meet.
Would silence truly do us justice.
Learning to cope before given reason.

Rounded off at the top, rough patterns felt between us both.
A spark that ignites the scrape of when I fell for you.

We stood there because we knew how we felt, we never truly understood.
Collecting ourselves in abrupt fire. Only a fool would stand to wither completely.

What else did we truly know but to extinguish ourselves in the same abrupt manner.
Breathing in each others essence. Stained in soot.

We lived in sulfur, sliming down in the same instance.
Lighting myself before becoming contagious.
I thought this way because it was all I'd ever know


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