stress from an application

Staring at my laptop screen...

looking at the different messages.

I remember feeling so small, just a teen. 

But then I got something that would take other people seconds, that I got in ages.


I can change

I can change


I don't need to be an image that I thought I needed to be confined by.

just because I was a way with a friend doesn't mean I am permanently that person.

I made mistakes as a child, as an ignorant creature, but it's not the way I will die.

it's like from my own mind, I accidentally opened a curtain. 


I don't need to be afraid...

I don't need to be afraid!


I smile brightly as I continue applying to colleges.

This is my future, and mine alone. 

I felt like a rose, finely without it's thorned edges.

I continue on, writing my personal essays with a lighter tone. 


I just need to remember:

I can change, I can change...

I don't need to be afraid. 

I can always grow.




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