Strength Through Patience


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The other day this girl I once loved told me I have issues

But that girl doesn’t know a thing about my life in Mogadishu…

The feeling of this pain is impeccable

In the name of GOD the most gracious and most merciful

"For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. (Surat Ash-Sharĥ, 94:6, (The Relief) - سورة الشرح)

And I know I’m not alone

Let me tell you about my family in a place I used to call home...

My family in Somalia’s hungry

They said I don't have to give them money

Just cause they love me

And I love them right back

Willing to give up their happiness for one man

But I make sure every penny I touch goes to them

And never me

My family and my people are slaves to famine while we chose to eat free

Now I don't mean free as in pay no money

I mean eat whenever we please

My grandmother, aunts, and uncles don't feel the insides of their stomachs;

All the milks dried up;

Dying of thirst is why I'm slowly losing my baby cousins

While it’s so hard baring this

I try to help taking money out of my college budget

We Came to America unready working grave shift; slave shift paying the fee with our sleep

You'll probably catch me zoning out cause my thoughts are like the ocean...

They’re deep

I rub my hands together like a fly that's trying to scheme

“Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease." (Surat Ash-Sharĥ, 94:7, (The Relief) - سورة الشرح)

I want to help the world but first the world has to help me…

My youngest brother Abdullahi loves to listen

Mister takes my Jordan socks without my permission

But that's ok

Cause we're 4 brothers that share one wardrobe 4 ways

And since we all got the same shoe size

We all play on the same team when it comes to the foot game

Back to the topic I love that dude

When I was his age I was really rude

I try and support him so he won't end up like me

Getting in trouble and hating on almost everything;

I can't forget my little sister

I'd like to start this piece of by saying that I love her

I love her imagination

So I always listen to her whenever I'm with her

She’s a big reason why I never lost hope when we were homeless in the homeless shelter

She's the only sister I have after my big sister Anisa died

That's why she means a lot to me cause she's the only sister I have alive

She taught me Life was never about pride and it's alright to cry…

My little sister gave me reason to stop hating GOD for what I lose and it was then…

I learned to love him

"He who believes in his lord has no fear of loss or injustice" (Surat Al-Jinn, 72:13, (The Jinn) - سورة الجن)

My little brother Abdi is getting eaten up by middle school peer pressure

And even though his mind is going through a change I don't treat him any lesser

Seems though I got to talk to him a lot and teach him how to fix all his mistakes like a really concerned professor

I hope one day he can learn success is measured by effort…

But no matter what

As long as I'm alive I'm here to help him get it together;

With the help of Islam

"GOD wishes to turn towards you in mercy, but those who follow their own passions want you to drift far away from the right path." (Surat An-Nisā', 4:27, (The Women) - سورة النساء)

My older brother Mohiyadin struggled with the thought of college,

But I know he can get through it cause my older brother got the knowledge

He can keep working even if he's not supposed to like a leaky faucet

I tell him the independent mind state of America

Will assassinate the personal morals of yourself character

I love it when he says Aslamualikum peace to my mom

I just hope he doesn't say the Aslamualikum peace out to Islam

But like kevin heart I'll say this with my chest

"Verily, in the remembrance of GOD do hearts find rest" (Surat Ar-Ra`d, 13:28, (The Thunder) - سورة الرعد)

But yes... Life goes on

I would've never got here without my mom

They should put my mom’s picture next to the definition of strong

She works 2 jobs just to keep the lights on

Back when her previous job interviews told her to take off her hijab

She said "I'll search elsewhere for a job

I won't let anyone break one of my connections with GOD"

My mom motivates me to try and never do wrong

So to the girl who said I had issues and only managed to love me for 9 months and nothing more

My mother has loved me for 9 months before I was even born

and so much more

So take your 2 cents and go spend them at a thrift store

My mom taught me to always give and forgive no matter how much people get and forget so when I smile there's no discrimination;

I always share it

“Your lord has decreed that you shall serve non but him, and show kindness to your parents” (Surat Al-'Isrā', 17:23, (The Night Journey) - سورة الإسراء )

Now my father was never there for me throughout my life’s course

It’s one of the large reasons to why my parents got a divorced

I used to hate my father because he was never there for me

My father chose favorites so he was never really fair to me

All my father ever gave me was abuse

So I thought violence was the answer to everything so I lived most of my life confused

I used to hate my father up until a couple weeks ago

If you never knew let me let you know

GOD has blessed us with the Potential to change

Maybe if the towns’ people actually stayed

The boys who cried wolf would have got to live to see another day

I’ll never give up on my father

If times get rough I’ll hang in there a little harder

No one but GOD is perfect so don't ever expect perfect families

You've just got to hold on harder whenever you're unhappy

Don't ever get lost in your work

Parents who have no time for their children usually watch them get lost in the world

Stay in touch with your roots when it comes to your family tree

But don't you ever treat your family like a tree and just leave

A wise brother once told me “Attachments to this life will never get you through”

Be patient because patience is a virtue

If you can learn how to be patient your future's bout to be bright

Suicide was on my mind until I saw GOD’s light

After waiting an amount of time you can really value the reward of what you have

Being impatient can kill any female or man

And what's worse is rushing for something that in self-opinion that was never worth it,

But you never took the time to notice it and see the light like a person who rushed to work and forgot to open the curtains

If someone tries to make fun of you also known as criticize

Don't throw a fist to start a fight

You can shoot, stab, or kill another person but what they've said or done is still there in the end

The best way to destroy your enemy is to make them your friend

People tell me that patience is something they don't have; yes that's what they've said

The only time in your life when you have no patience is when you're dead

You have patience but your curiosity is pulling you back

Haven't you heard? Curiosity killed the cat

For every second that you wanted to forward fast

I promise you will want to rewind it back

If you don't believe what I've said I've took scientific repeated trials to prove the facts

Respect is earned through your actions not through your status

Life is about who becomes successful not who makes it the fastest

That's why I'm patient to say the words I've never said

It's usually the ones who become impatient who rush into situations that angels would chose to fled

It's only in the dictionary that work comes after success- Mohamed Abdi Also Known As Mo Black


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

no one has the right to judge you for all one must have to endure
anyone that treats you different because of where you are from dont deserve to be a part of your life
this is a very in depth and hopefully, people will understand you better
great job-keep writing
i'm a power poetry mentor

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