The ability to hold it all back.

When you continue to be strong, even when it will hurt.

Pulling yourself up when you fall right into the dirt.

Refusing to give up, not taking any slack.

Carrying the weight of the world on your back.


Preparing others so they will not fail,

Not knowing that secretly some of them follow in your trail.

You stand tall and proud even when you feel weak,

But never forgetting to show you are meek.

Showing all around the strength of your love,

Your pretense to me is like the comfort of a glove.


So here you stand, your place to be,

Learning and teaching in this life we all see.

So come on and show me a smile,

Even if it only lasts awhile.

Just pick yourself up and go back to the start,

And remember, you can't always depend on your brain to tell you what's smart.


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