Drowing in the past and choking on tomorrow.

You try to pull away but you can't.

The past holds on.

You run. Fast. Trying to escape.

But when you turn around, it's closer than ever.

It's not your fault, yet you feel that you could have stopped it.

So you spiral down, into the pit.

The pit of pain. Regret.

No one can help you.

No one but yourself.

Only you can change it.

Change the future. Your future.

You stop running. Instead, you face it.

Face the mistakes. The hurt.

Take it all in.

Take it all and run again.

Not away from your past. With it.

Use it as strength. Courage. Faith.

Faith that you won't make the same mistake.

Hold onto it. Grasp it. Don't let it go.

Use it to better yourself.

Stop drowning. Just breathe.



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