Waking up with face wet

Tears falling like a comet

Eyes focused, suddenly aware

Watching as students stare


Memories flash back, remembering fully

the hits, the pain, mentally and physically

Punches feel like swords, and words like knives

Struggling to face the day and barely survive


I call them bullies, You call them friends

If you stood by me, the pain might end

What hurts the most is not the pain inflicted

but that the torture makes me feel restricted


They see me as nothing more than flesh and bones

Not caring that they throw their words like stones

I'm abnormal, imperfect, and different

Does that really make me insignificant? 


They say don't notice, try not to care

How can I when the pain is everywhere?

All I need is support and power to be strong

Why didn't you help me all along?


Now it's too late to help and save the day

Now you see me in the coffin where my body lay

They hurt me, abused me, and you didn't see

Now that I'm gone, will you stand by blindly?


I say this not to hurt you and be vindictive

but to remind you to stop the wicked

we need a voice when ours are shaking

Standing together will stop the aching


Speak the truth and raise your voice

don't let silence be your choice

we all know that anything is possible

Protecting each other is never illogical


Never forget to break the silence

or you will feel the presence of a friend's absence

You'll wish to see him one last time

He said that "everything was fine"


You can't believe you never realized

the pain he felt, he just disguised

Now a second chance can not be tried

All because he committed suicide

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