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The word so demanding, so 


If only I have the courage to be strong

to be fearless

to be..


Its not until we are alone that we experience reality

The reality that life is beautiful,

a bitch,

a friend, 

an island.

I sit on the shore with sand between my toes,

in my hair, 

and in my soul.

I'm alone on this island 

scared with no way home.

I stand up and watch the sunset 

and think of what to do. 

Should I cry?

Should I scream? 

Or simply be calm?

If I want to find my way home I will have to 


not tears,

not the sound of a banshee

but like Tom Hanks in Cast Away 

I should gather strength

so I can find my way back home!


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I wrote this poem because there are so many women young and old who dont have strength, and I wanted to let you all know that no matter how hard things may be you have to pull yourself together and simply be free, from stress, for the pressures of this world and from the doubt in your soul.

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