The Streets of Oh

Walking down the street,

Not a worry in mind.

People around every corner

And every door.

What are my thoughts?

I can't think.

What are my intentions?

I just want to go to the store.

What am I wearing?

I'm wearing what I have.

Don't I have any other clothes?

Sure, but they got taken.

Looks from every person,

Glares from every cop.

I'm sorrry

But it isn't my fault;


If only you knew my past

And if only you walked my shoes.

THEN you would understand.

Understand what?

Understand the pain I live through everyday.

What pain?

Exactly that.

You don't seem to understand

How much pain a person has to take in

To feel and live the way that I do.

And there's that.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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