"The streets"


I am legendary

I have never felt so strong

Control over power

Changing everything that could be wrong

I look at the streets

They hit me straight to the heart

The streets need light

Not to be left in the dark

They long for something

I’ll give them all their desires

After all who will they call

I rule this empire

When you look at the walls

Can you tell their stories

The way they survive

Even when it gets stormy

I give all I can

Don’t expect nothing in return

Build the streets up

That’s more of my concern

Just because they don’t look wealthy

Doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy

Just because they seem filthy

Doesn’t mean they made themselves guilty

I believe in them no matter the appearance

I give them clearance

Don’t treat them different

As if they didn’t gain our interest

Build the streets up

I would do it

Build the streets up

I could do it

You may ask me why the streets

I say they can become a better influence


~Jasmin Butler



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