Street Surfer

The thump of my foot against the asphalt

Every other beat

Pushes me faster and faster,

Making my heart threaten to ditch my chest


The breeze runs its fingers through my hair,

Grasping and pulling at my clothes,

Begging me to stop

But I push the breezes’ cold fingers away


As I come to a slope, my heart does a jig

Just the thought of the speed gives me a smile as wide as the sun

Growing and glowing,

Until it threatens to rip at the seams


This time I spend surfing the streets,

Helps to shake off the stress building itself a house on my shoulders.

To get rid of all the sadness and madness.

It keeps me myself


Without my street surfboard

To help me through the dangerous waters of life,

I would be an empty shell.

I would be no more.


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