Street runner 🏃

She mad I’m the talk of the town 

She trynna get dick 

Called up the gang 

Had em pass Her round 

Now they wanna get up on my dick right now 

They thought  I wasn’t gonna make it 

They thought I wasn’t gonna be shit 

as if that was up for debate 

Sorry to tell you I won 1st place 

Couldn’t even get me out  da race 

Couldn’t even get me outta shape 

Trynna put me out of A place as

 if that was a faze 

I hate to tell you it’s to late made you snooze for a bait 

Cutting me off was a raw deal 

Had to hit that bitch with a raw steal 

Make em loose em mind like I’m signing em a raw deal 

Now he saying I’m the truth still 

Ten toes or fall for any 

Why lie 

when I ran up 

I can up u with this Glock 

Putting two in your back 

Falling to ground 

Begging for your life please 

 Nah It’s to late say bye to your mama

Had to run off on the plug 

To run up a bigger bag 

Had to cut my days one off 

Cus they wasn’t my ones 

Had to catch a fade with jus about everyone 

Falling out is an underscore 

Hit the block jus to flip them packs 

Pay for her trip now she dissing on me 

Acting like I didn’t shelter her 

Like I didn’t put her on 

Money in her pocket 

Saved her from herself 

Bitch said she my friend 

As if I was dumb 

Talking bout me in rooms I don’t even be in 

Bringing up shit you shouldn’t even be speaking on 

Now you all caught up 

Talking bout you miss your friend 

I should have killed your ass 

Instead I let you live 

So you can watch me climb to top with out you 

Wishing bad on me 

Got me. Rich 

So thank you bitch 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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