The Street Light On My Window Pane

The street light on my window pane is ruining my perception of what's beyond the four walls of my bedroom. The street light on my window pane creates the illusion of daylight when in reality its 11 p.m. When I look at the clock then look back at the window, what I see is conclusive yet contradictory. Which factor do I choose, which do I trust? The street light on my window pane ruins my perception of time, just as my twisted emotions warp my sense of reality. I know what I WANT to do. My mind floods with memories of care free pleasures, of deep indulges in mindless sin. Oh what fun it was! I hear the TICK-TICK of the clock as those memories disappear. Now that I think about it, I know what I SHOULD do. Those pleasure weren't quite so pleasurable when I became infected by their poison. That mindless sin wasnt quite as fun when it condemned me to death. I look at the factors of what I WANT to what I KNOW to be right. Oh but the street light on my window pane is so much more alluring than that ever ticking clock. TICK-TICK-TICK. The constant banging of the second hand as it chases itself in a circle hurts my head. How I want to climb out my window into the sun! In opening up my curtains, I realize my fatal mistake. It isn't daytime at all! In fact, if I would have climbed out my window, I would only have been consumed in darkness and despair. No, I look at my clock and it says 11:30 p.m. It's not daytime, it's time for bed. I'm going to go to sleep now. The street light on my window pane only ruined my perception. Now I know which factor to trust. I know what is right.

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