Street Chronicles

They knew they was going to kill him. But how they did him was a shame. They made him choose between a 45 to the heart. Or a 9 to the brain. He said he didn't tell I guess they wasn't feelin him. They told him they believe him but still ended up killin him. I was sitting right there when he told that nigga "YOU BETTER GET MINES" or "IT'S HAMMER TIME". Them Negros puertorriqueños came through on them bikes with them pipes. The sparks from them choppa's lit up the whole night. Some niggers gotta hear that pop. They gotta see that flash. They gotta feel their flesh burn. In the streets that's the only way some of them will ever learn. Yo that young nigga ran down the block with that glizzy and got busy. First he hit him twice in his top. He was dead before his body dropped. He just looked at him yelling "Now Who's A Bitch" He ran, came back and in his face he empty the whole clip. For two and a half weeks he was on the run. Main man people's caught up with him. And killed him with the same gun. He snuck upstairs and caught her fuckin and suckin. Homeboy was tryin to hide behind the door duckin. He just looked at her and said "YOU DISLOYAL BITCH'. I should have known you was a fuckin whore. He aired them out so bad. Their blood started leakin through the floor. He spit in his face and told him he's a fuckin liar. And since he like burnin niggers for their bread. They put him in a tub of gasoline and set him on fire.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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