Stream of Consciousness

Let us go then, you and I

While the moon yawns as the sun says goodbye

Wednesday evening, where S.W.A.G is their motto

Saved With Amazing Grace is what they follow

Here is where a family lives, through God and son, Jesus Christ

But among the group, there is one who is just not right

She is a wilted Rose, so oblivious of her awkward ways

This Rose is a greedy one, loud, and easy to set others to blaze

Being easy to anger, she is emotional and quite rude

And when she does anger, she will put you in a mood

She doesn’t get it, what it means to be social

We know she’s lived through tough weather, that is why we are so hopeful


Why do people go to the movies alone?

Why not just rent one and watch it at home?

It makes me wonder, how about you? I think they are lonely

They may say “Oh, I’m just an independent person”, but that is just phony


You know when I take a shower, it takes an hour of two?

Standing there, music on, scrubbing my head with smelly shampoo

And for lunch, I will get some chips, a drink, make a sandwich

But why does this take me 35 minutes?


Two significant actions a person should make

Are Jesus Christ as their savior and baking a cake

With Jesus in your heart, in heaven you will be

And a cake, if you know how to bake one, in heaven you could make one thousand and three


There are countless actions that I do not dare to do

But my top 3 are the ones I plan to share with you

Smoking, stealing, and sex before marriage

For if I do, send me away on a horse drawn carriage


Spirited, handsome, and strong

To not want a man who is graceless, is that so wrong?

Only social, religious, and emotional experiences thus far

Some worse than others, leaving more than one scar

The atmosphere is a foggy morning

You can’t see the future, until the day is done warming

In my lifetime is measured with a ladle, one with a hole

Because as each day goes walking by, I don’t know where the time goes

I lay here in my bed, unable to fall asleep

My brain is being examined, when my eyes should be closed, counting sheep


I am a sea turtle, smart and strong

Who has great willpower to get the job done

And until death kisses my cheek

To God, in my prayers, is whom I will speak

Not only am I a sea turtle, but Ariel too

So curious to learn new things, like why is the ocean blue?

Her and me both enjoy swims in the sea

But we both must grow some new legs so we can be who we were meant to be


Did you enjoy our journey, you and I?

Good, I did too. Now bye bye!



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