Strategic Genius

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[ Youth ]

“Do you know how many rings Saturn has? Well I do! 

Saturn has three rings but with a powerful telescope like mine you can see 8 rings.

 Hmmm..  okay now, what to do?


 I’m going to crack some jokes, tomorrow is the field trip day which means a long day with Wally on the bus. 

I should write this down.  

What is a tornado’s favorite game to play?

 A twister.

Wally is going to be impressed.

Hmm… more… more...

 How do you cut the sea in half? 

With a seesaw!

Wally is going to have a kick at that one, what kind of hair do oceans have? Wavy!

GENIUS!!! I can’t wait to see Wallie’s face!” excitedly said Amedeo



Strategic Genius 


      [ Test ]

“Go grab the syringe  435342 and specimen 6272. Hurry! There must be something wrong, all my treatments have not worked, dam!” ordered Amedeo.

“Sir, are you sure this is safe?” cried Alexios.

“Ofcourse not, why would you ask a stupid question. Everything you see me doing is breaking the rules. But is it stopping me? Noo, and it's none of your business its mine remember you are just a helper,” replied Amedeo.

“But think about it won’t you be causing a global extinction?” weeped Alexios.

“If the animal goes extinct, I am the last guinea pig. I’ll have reporters all over my office, people spying on me, doesn't sound appealing. So why not test these treatments on myself what if we get a result? This is my purpose in life and you nor no one else can convince me out of it. Capeshe,” responded Amedeo.

“You are a real danger sir. I’m worried. Should I make an appointment with your counselor?” questioned Alexios.

“I have a better idea, maybe you should order more toilet paper? Only my conscious can speak to my six senses. I have such an elegant mind, ” teased Amedeo.


Strategic Genius 

End of 2014

[ Get-away! ]

I run in pain and my hands shake.

The grip of my fingers are tied to the wired fence.

I worsen the cracked skin of my fingers.

I quickly climb to get across.

The other side is bright, so satisfying to see.

Time ran short and its not running in my favor.

It's impossible to get away.

The court is packed.

                                    I will deny it to the end. 




Strategic Genius



[ Unchangeable ]

“The cell shut loud like a huge machine ready to work. 

The steel bars face me. The brick walls face me. 

Unchangeable life

Why did I hurt those animals and myself? 

Unchangeable performance

My punishment is marked in the walls.

 My errors stay in mind, an ongoing circle that make me hate it everytime.

My emotions are harder to control.

Unchangeable motion

The guards and convicts talk and I can't hear them. 

They say,  “Hey, where are you from? Why are you here?”

Unchangeable sounds

My teeth squeeze.

 My thoughts reply why do you care.

 Then I come to reality and soon share.

I am forced to accept.



Strategic Genius


[ Safe Place ]

O youth, youth, youth! O God, that golden time,

I crave my youth

 I laughed the hours away

 I grew--just ill, somehow;

I didn’t know self love

 I lost my head 

 I messed up by allowing people to step over me

 I messed up by not allowing people in my life 

 I learned nothing 

 I attempted self sacrifice 

 I wanted death because I feared love 

Take me back to the days...




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