Strangled love

I thought what we had, was different,

Apparently everything I spoke of was gibberish.

You gave me scrumbling false hope,

and hung me, with a busted rope.

A rope consisting of tears, betrayel and broken trust,

Far up high where you left me hanging,

but because I love you, I gave no fuss.

How was I supposed to know it would end this way,

where you used me until my skies turned grey.

All those times I called out your name,

hoping you would come back to rescue me.

but because I love you, my hope never went away.

Eventually someone found me hanging, 

and dried the tears, removed the leash, and brought me back to sanity.

Later to find out my dreaded story,

of whom I give this horrible glory.

but because of love you, I let you go,

and learned to know friend from foe.

If trust is gone, and love gets harder,

leave before your heart refuses to wonder.

Indeed I was a hopeless romantic,

who had a heart of gold so gigantic.

and because I loved you,

I was taught a valuable lesson.


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