strangers and the walls they build


There once was a boy

There once was a girl

They were strangers

Both were lost and alone

They met in a bar, surrounded by people who called the "friend."

While they conversed, she hid from him and he from her.

They both went home with someone else.

Time went by and they continued living as strangers

Until one night they found each other again, at a bar

Maybe it was the rum

But they introduced themselves the only way they each knew how.

They kept meeting like this, collecting tiny pieces of each other in between.

He showed her how to love someone else

She showed him how to love himself

Slowly, they scrapped away at each other's walls.

But as their walls came tumbling down,

He practiced playing her heart and his guitar

She lied awake and went insane.

But every time they intertwined, they lost themselves together.

In the beginning, God created man and woman

They were alone and it was good.

But with more and more people around, their perfect world began to crumble.

As was also true with our two lovers.

If they were a house, "helpful" friends on the outside tore them down brick by brick.

Left without a foundation, it all collapsed, leaving both wounded.

They are strangers again, the boy and the girl.

You may think it's sad for soulmates to part ways


I think it is far worse that they never even knew how perfect each was for the other.

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