You're gone 
And I never knew this would hurt so bad
Strangers with similarities
It's so sad


Our friendship was a mystery
Illusion in my mind
I guess I loved you
I don't know why


We didn't even know eachother
But we knew eachother
Unlike everyone else
We weren't like anyone else


We were Einstein
We were Marley
We were young
But children hardly


Doing things we couldn't handle
For the things that we can't take
Living life out on the edge
Laughing at our highest stake


You prob'ly won't remember me
I'll forget you soon
But now I feel so empty
Life's less than what it should be


Who knew you meant a thing
So hollow, sick I feel
It's funny cuz I knew your name
We both knew what was real


And now you're gone
This time will pass
You'll be a shadow
On my grass


And as the smoke 
It wisps away
Your face is fading in the grey
And I'll forget somehow someway


It sad that I miss you
Cause you won't remember me
Strangers with similarities
Is all we are and ever be


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