Sun, 05/31/2020 - 07:37 -- Suzie82

I never thought I feel this way to fall in love is so strange 

My heart speaks but my head has fear I want you close..

no no.. I’m scared that's way too near. 

I close my eyes and see your face the energy in my body begins to race

I ask myself every day.. am I taking a chance will he walk away? 

You’re so patient with me. you soothe my fears

a slow starting love that replaced my tears.

I love you so much it makes me ache

the pain in my chest warning this is all a mistake. 

I want us so much but there’s a bit of my past

that will try and tell me we'll never last.

Don’t hold it against me when I sometimes hold back

I’m still wondering how I got what I lacked. 

Your steel blue eyes pierce my soul

I will never take for granted how you helped fill that hole.
The empty place I though I would stay until a stranger walked in

on an interview day. 

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