The Stranger


I do not know who you are or where it is you come from, but I want to know you. You lurk in the shadows never showing your face, close enough that I can see the whites of your eyes but far enough that we could never breathe the same air. You're everything I want to be and everything society rejects. How I am is of the world's design and you are that of your own. You're fearless, independent, compassionate, a risk taker, qualities that have allowed you to toss society's views out of the window. While I sit by the wayside and embrace them. To be like you would be an affront to my nature, but to be like you is all I've ever wanted. Nothing more nothing less and after all this time wanting to know you wanting to be like you I have finally realized that I am you. Then, now, and forever more. We are one once separated by insecurities and reservation now joined by the longing to live as we desire. The stranger is no longer shrouded in mystery for now I am him and he is me.


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