She missed the day he smiled

All that it reviled was an innocent child

The regrets of the child started to fade

Her heart was cut witha blade

The blood of a sweet, but soft serenade

She closed her eyes too afraid

No matter how much he portrayed

She couldn't get rid of the evil

She crashed into an unbearable wall

Oh God, how she felt so small

The monster he became

Who was to blame?

He and the others alike were all the same

Her deepest regret

She thought he would change

She loved a man so estrange

She was blinded by his front

She wouldn't dare confront

This dream

This delusion

She jumped straight to the conclusion

After all she forgot it was all an illusion

Stuck in constant fear

Nothing at all was very clear

She lost the meaning of reality

So the only way to go

Messed up her mentality

A stranger that he is

The words on her back sad she's his

A toy to be played with

She is just like the other toys

The fifth

When will this end?

How far must she ascend?

To reach a breaking point

She couldn't take it anymore

This is what she didn't ask for

Not this stranger she loved

                                                                      By: Andrea

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