Strange Lullabies

Your voice climbs
just like a kite
slipping through the wind
running through the night
they tell me to turn off the light
whispers tickle my ear
raindrops look just like tears
windows are countless
I feel, so I'm boundless
mindful is mindless
full of nothing
but thoughts
swallowing me like jaws
as the world seems to pause
take in a second
but your tree has blown away
leaves fall in spirals
how did we become rivals
used to be best friends
playing in used tents
used is confusing
my body's bruising 
far away off a mountain
I hear you calling
sounds like a warning
but they sound like lullabies
so I'll float on
listening to the butterflies
tell me their secrets
I will keep them close
rotations seem to slow
As fires burn houses 
so that they glow.


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